Sunday, December 11, 2005


I have had a great time in this class, this class is the only one I got enjoyment out of this semester. I am graduating next week and I just wanted to say Thank you for all your awesome lectures. You class is great, don't change a thing!! I know you will get to feeling better!! Thanks again for teaching me so much!! Have a great Christmas!!

Top Model

America's Next Top Model is a show hosted by Tyra Banks. Teenage girls try to compete with other teenage girls to see if they can make it as a model. The show is drama filled and loves to use women as objects. Some of the photographers make the girls pose nude with each other, they also paint the girls faces and make them into animals. If this was a next top male model show, there is no way they would do any of that stuff to men. If America saw men naked together on TV, they would not be happy. If men were turned into animals, the media would have a hay day. There is such a double standard for males. This is why society looks at women as objects becuase of how much the media portrays us as one. It's disgusting, these girls are trying to further their career in modeling but all they are actually doing is making women look like sex objects and animals.

Grounded for Life and Yes Dear

Grounded for Life and Yes Dear are sitcoms that come on at the exact same time during the day. Grounded for life is on from 3:00-4:00 on ABC Family and Yes Dear is on form 3:00-4:00 on TNT. Grounded for life is about a family that is closer on the white trash side, Yes Dear is a more classy family. Both shows deal with the same issues just at diffrent levels. At one time on one day Grounded for life was dealing witht he husband looking at pornogrphy and Yes Dear was dealing with a woman flirting with the husband at work. Both sitcoms were degrading their wives equally. The Grounded for Life hsband enjoyed looking at porn, the Yes Dear husband taped the woman who was flirting with him at work and took it home to his wife. It kills me that two shows on at one time are telling American's that women are less than who they are. Both wives were upset about what was going on but they let it slide because that's what American women do...let their husbands dominate and make them feel horrible. I was very upset and I will not be watching either one of those shows again.

Regis and Kelly

In class the other day you were talking about the Regis and Kelly show. You were saying that Kelly gets less space on the TV screen and Regis over powers her. I want to be honest I did not believe you at first, I love Kelly and when I watch the show all I do is pay attention to her. I wanted to see if your theory was right so I watched Regis and Kelly on Friday, you were not kidding. From Regis's name to the way Kelly is turned, Regis dominates the screen. This is crazy to me, I would have never thought to look at issues like these. It is also kinda crazy that this whole time I never knew this but it was unconsiously seeping into my head. I will never look at Regis and Kelly the same again.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Everybody Loves Raymond

I am a big fan of this show but I did have a porblem with one episode I saw the other day. Raymond's daughter comes in and she picks up a Victoria Secret magazine and Ray says "put that down that's daddy's." The magazine was clearly on his wifes side of the bed, this upset me a lot. It's saying to the American public that even TV Stars wives are not good enough, even the cream of the crop beautiful women are homely. I was so mad, his wife is beautiful, the writers did not need to put that in the script and what is it showing other husbands; that kind of behavior is ok. It's not ok for a husband to suscribe to Victoria Secret or Playboy, it's degradeing to all women. It showing women all over America that they will never be up to thier husband's standards. Needless to say I was not to happy with this statement.

Sports Illustrated

I picked up a college issue of Sports Illustrated at the gym the other day. I was not pleased with what I was looking at. I found an article about a Standford Volleyball player, in most of her pictures she is crouched over or has her hand on her mouth. The very next page is a huge male weightlifter looking buff. He wasn't crouched over or looking inferior to others. It really makes me mad the way that Sports Illustrated portrays athlete women. If women athletes can't be seen as role models then who can? So overall I am just mad at the way women are portryed in media!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

You are Bamboozled

Over all I liked Bamboozled. I am not a big fan of violence in movies, so when Man Tan got shot on national televison and internet, didn't like that part to much. I do like the fact the Spike Lee was brave enogh to show how the world act. The motto "dance puppet dance" comes into mind when I think abotu Bamboozled. Everyone tries to be someone thier not or somehting someone else wants them to be. I feel like Spike Lee was showing the truth in society and that you will pay for your decisons at the end of the day. It was a very dark but honest movie and overall I liked it. I feel like people need to get real with themselves and stop acting like something they aren't. Spike Lee was a mastermind at creating the charecters, the movie was good.

Paper Idea

I am doing a paper on the depictions of women athletes in Sports Illustrated. I am going to look at the numbers of women in five magazines, their body positions, what the articles said about the women and the overall pictures of the women. I am using issues from May 2005- August 2005.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oprah ads

I was watching oprah (the woman who knows all) after her words of wisdom passed and the commercials jumped on screen, my whole up-lifted attitude changed. 4 out of the 5 commercials were about how women can make themselves better. I love the irony in this becasue Oprah is a motivating show for women but then we get to the commercials to feel like crap again. Is this advertising right? Why doesn't Oprah do something, I don't know if she can but come on. We watch such an uplifting show to secretly be hit with advertisments to make our self esteem lower. I do not like this at all. I almost said to hell with it and quit watching Oprah...but then again is it Oprah and I could not turn it off. So maybe I am the bad consumer in this story but I think this whole process is just wrong.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

This weekend I watched "Guess Who" with Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher. Race portrayed by the media was all over this movie. Bernie Mac, the father, had a huge problem with Kutcher who was the white boyfriend. Not only were racists jokes stringed all through out the movie. The whole movie was based on color. It was a funny movie but all it made a bad picture of interratical couples. Times have changed, interracial dating is not unusual any more. It is just as acceptable as homosexuals. At the end, the father and soon to be son-in-law were just fine but still there should not have been a problem in the first place. Turn the page people...move on from what is said to be "normal". Our nation does not live by normal anymore so why make a movie that shows a negative outlook on interracial couples?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

media coverage over rita

In class we have discussed media coverage as primary and secondary. With the coverage of Rita the media has done an excellent job covering both. Most times in one news cast they will have a story about what Rita is doing and when we have changed since Katrina to have more security and help. I think the media and our government has done a complete 180 in two weeks with the way they are handling the second hurricane. I am very impressed by all the accurate and fair news coverage. The media is doing awesome!!